Tyson McGuffin’s Tennis Shoes & Gear Reviewed

Tyson McGuffin is a top-ranked pickleball player and one of the most accomplished players in the sport’s history. He was introduced to this sport when working as a tennis instructor. He quickly learnt this fast-paced game and turned into a pro in just six months.

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States and attracts a wide variety of people from different demographics. It is easy to learn and master and does not take much equipment. You just need a good paddle and a comfortable pair of shoes to get started.

In this guide, we discuss the shoes, paddle and other gear used by Tyson McGuffin, and also talk about his career and net worth.

Tyson McGuffin’s Court Shoes

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Tyson McGuffin was born in Washington D.C. and presently lives in Coeur d’Alene. He competes in numerous pickleball events hosted by the official sport agency every year [1]. He is often seen displaying outstanding control and power on the 44×20 feet court at nationwide singles and doubles tournaments.

McGuffin won his first championship in 2017 by winning the singles of the USA Pickleball Association National Championships in Arizona. To win this tournament, McGuffin wore lightweight tennis shoes from his favorite brands to obtain the stability and movement the pickleball court demands.

We could not find the actual shoes worn by Tyson McGuffin. Shown above are the top rated tennis shoes from our own internal rating system, and believe they represent a pair close to what McGuffin wore on the court.

Tyson McGuffin Iconic Paddle

Tyson McGuffin has been using the Selkirk Amped Invikta paddle for his pickleball games. This paddle is inspired by the player’s style and is part of an endorsement deal with the brand. The paddle has an increased sweetspot size when compared to conventional elongated paddles [2]. The Amped Series from Selkrik was designed with amplified power and control in mind; therefore, it is the ultimate paddle for pickleball pros.

Tyson McGuffin’s signature paddle is built using Polypropylene X5 Core technology and  FiberFlex fibreglass, providing you with the tools required for your best performance on-court. The midweight version of this paddle weighs 7.3-7.7 oz, which is ideal for players who specialise in hard drives from the baseline. The latest series of Invikta paddles feature fresh graphics and enhanced reliability, while also retaining the feel, control, and power the company have become renowned for.

Apart from the paddle, Tyson McGuffin also uses other gear from Selkrik Sports. For example, his palm glove, shorts, jacket, hat, sweatshirt, and visor are all made by Selkirk Sports.  He also uses pickleballs from this brand.

Tyson McGuffin has also been using a Tourna Grip since the beginning of his career. This is showcased as a light blue color on his paddle. He also uses indoor and outdoor pickleballs and pickleball nets from Tourna.

Tyson McGuffin Net Worth – UPDATED 2024

tyson mcguffin

Tyson McGuffin is a former 5.5 ranked tennis player turned pickleball star. Therefore, he has earned a proportion of his money from winnings in tennis matches. Currently, he competes across the professional Pickleball Tour and plays in events permitted by the USAPA. He is a four-times grand slam gold medallist in Men’s Open Singles and four times national champion. While his net worth is not yet known, he is surely one of the highest earning pickleball players.

McGuffin also won the 2018 Men’s Open Doubles at the Tournament of Champions. Subsequently, McGuffin has accumulated considerable net worth from these winnings. He also earns money through his job as a pickleball instructor. Tyson has signed an endorsement contract with Selkirk Sport, which is potentially the most lucrative in the history of pickleball. As part of this deal, the brand produces Tyson McGuffin inspired paddles and pay Tyson a sizeable fee.

The majority of Tyson’s earnings come from sponsorship and endorsement deals. Some of the most popular sponsors for Tyson McGuffin include Bemer Group, Selkirk Sport, ASEA, The Voodoo and Isagenix.

Professional Pickleball Players’ Salaries – What You Should Know

Though the winnings players get from playing pickleball tournaments do not match other sports, such as tennis, the rewards and salaries can be quite impressive. The pay is decent and there is no discrimination based on the player’s gender. The sport is competitive because it is not so demanding and suits a variety of players from different demographics.

Winners of national tournaments can take home prizes of up to $50,000 – $75,000. When combined with a sponsorship bonus, winnings can reach $100,000. These salaries are not small, and the incentive pools associated with these salaries could make any tennis player decide to switch to professional pickleball.

Pickleball is backed by national and international tournaments, TV contracts and endorsements. More than 2000 athletes participate in a single event. There are six major competitions in the U.S. alone , including but not limited to the Hawaii Open, World Pickleball Open, and US Midwest/Southern series. The US Open Pickleball Championship is the most popular and has live coverage.


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