Serena Williams Tennis Shoe Review Guide & Information

Serena Williams is by far one of the best women to grace the sport of tennis. In fact, when you consider both male and female competitions, she has more tournament wins under her belt than any other pro player.

It is no wonder so many people look up to her when they are looking to develop their tennis game.

Serena Williams Tennis Shoes

Women’s Nike HC Flare 2

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For Women

Serena Williams has almost always worn Nike shoes on the court. Unlike some other professional tennis players, she does not have custom shoes built for her feet.

All of the Nike shoes that she has worn can be purchased from Nike and other retailers, so if you really want to rock the same shoes as Serena, the choice is yours.

In recent years, Serena has been sporting the Nike HC Flare 2 on the court. This has been designed specifically for use on hard courts, which is where Serena appears to thrive.

Although there is no reason why it couldn’t be used on other playing surfaces too.

The interesting thing about the Nike HC Flare 2 shoes is that they are the only shoes from Nike that have been designed with women in mind.

Sure, women can wear any of the tennis shoes in the Nike range. It is a big range, after all. However, these shoes have been designed for women’s feet.

As a result, many people may actually find them more comfortable to play in. Of course, since they have been designed alongside Serena Williams, wearers will also be able to enjoy her branding on them.

grass tennis court

Hard Courts Only – No Grass

As we said before; her shoes are designed for use on hard courts. This means that wearers of the Nike HC Flare 2 will be able to enjoy a pair of shoes that has a huge amount of grip on hard surfaces, but not so much that you will stay firmly rooted in place when you need speed on your side.

Wearers will also be able to enjoy a pair of shoes that offer a fantastic amount of padding, which can help to reduce the risk of injury with some styles of play. The only time that Serena has deviated from Nike tennis shoes is during an early part of her career where she would wear Puma.

Besides shoes, Serena loves to bring her unconventional style to the courts, which hasn’t come without some controversy.

Her extravagant flair is often reflected in the design of her top-notch tennis shoes and Nike has included some of these features in their Nike HC Flare 2 color range.

Serena Williams Playing Style

Serena Williams has what is regarded as one of the best serves in female tennis. In fact, her serve could probably give a few of the top male players a run for their money too! She is also known for having one of the most powerful standard shots; you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of those!

Serena Williams spends most of her time kicking around the baseline during a game of tennis. She has the ability to do this. Her powerful shots mean that she is always in control of the game.

Serena will have players darting around, fumbling to return her shots. She barely has to move unless she is playing some seriously good players. This is probably why she has so many Grand Slam titles to her name, right?

One thing that Serena Williams does well is come back from a surefire loss. Several of her games have hinged on her being close to losing. However, she has managed to turn many around and is probably one of the most successful players when it comes to this.

This goes to show just how much motivation she has. You will find very, very few pro players that are able to keep their ‘head in the game’ despite facing a battering.

Serena Williams Tennis Career

Serena Williams has a whopping 39 Grand Slam titles to her name [1]. This means that she has the second most amount of titles out of anybody that has played professional tennis. This is a record that is unlikely to be beaten any time soon. Part of the reason why she has managed to score so many Grand Slam titles is because she plays singles, and both doubles and mixed doubles. She has thrived on the court in any context. Of course, a lot of this has been alongside her sister, Venus Williams.

If this wasn’t enough, she is one of only a few female players who have managed to win all of the available Grand Slam singles titles in the same year. In fact, she hasn’t just done this once, she has succeeded twice!

Career Highlights

Career Highlight

One of the real highlights of her career came in 2017 when she won the Australian Open. Serena winning an Open isn’t anything novel, she’s done it before. What was impressive about her Australian Open title is the fact that she won it while pregnant, although she didn’t announce that she was pregnant until a few months later.

While Serena hasn’t won much of note since her pregnancy, she has managed to hit the Top 10 women players again[2]. She has also hit the finals of many tournaments, although she has been held back by injury to a certain extent.

We have no idea the direction that her career is going to go. One could think that the best of her career is behind her, but Serena has been showing some improvement over the past few years.

While it is unlikely that you will find Serena Williams dominating the Opens now, she may yet have a few more titles under her belt , and this will further cement her legacy as one of the best players of all time.



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