Serena Williams Loses Shoes After Tennis Court Dance Session

With all the ‘bad stuff’ going on in the world right now, sometimes it is good to get a nice feel-good story, even if it is nothing more than one of the best tennis players dancing around a tennis court and, ultimately, losing her shoe (sorry, we managed to spoil that twist for you). This probably isn’t going to be the most amazing story you have read in your life, but we are sure that you can probably sympathize with a fellow tennis player losing their shoes, even if she is one of the richest people in sport.

Serena Williams Dances on the Court

Tennis fans on Instagram will likely already be following Serena Williams. If you aren’t, you should. A lot of the content that she posts is tennis-related, and a decent amount of it can be quite funny. Those that already follow her on Instagram may have noticed a post that she made in December.

In this post, Serena Williams is in the midst of what doesn’t appear to be a very intense training session. She is mostly having balls hurled directly at her at roughly the speed that a child would serve a ball. Alas, there is a point to this.

Her Reason Why

She says that she made the post because far too many people were complaining about her not really sharing videos or photographs from her training session. So, she wanted to show just how hard she works. We are going to assume that this is a joke because, well, if Serena is able to spend her training sessions doing what she did in this video then….wow, think how good she could be with her training! (don’t worry, we know that her post was a joke)

After a couple of balls have been hit in her direction, they stop coming. The lady then just breaks into dance. Megan Three Stallions ‘Body’ is her dance here [1]. While you probably won’t see a dance destined for Broadway in her Instagram post, she is surprisingly decent. Good social media content, we would say. Of course, all of this is synced up to the music, which makes it even more exciting to watch.

You would think that the story would end there. A simple social media post designed to bring you into a Serena Williams training session. However, it doesn’t. The story continues, as all good social media sagas do, albeit only for one additional post.

Nike Shoes Left Behind at the Court

Not long after Serena left the tennis court, she posted an update on Instagram. Turns out that she was so tired after her training session, she took her shoes off and left them behind. We are not quite sure why one of the people she was there with didn’t remind her that she left the shoes behind, but we suppose nobody noticed.

Now, we don’t know for sure what shoes she is wearing on the court. She is a little bit too far away from the camera. However, we do know that they are brightly colored Nike shoes. The chances are pretty strong that it is either the Nike Flair 2 HC, or a variant of them. After all, this is ‘her’ tennis shoe.

So, Where’d They Go?

That’s pretty much where the story ends. She gave absolutely no update on whether she was able to retrieve the shoes (or at least send her personal assistant to do it). Chances are that she was probably playing on her own private tennis court anyway. Even if she did leave her shoes behind, as long as it is not raining, she is going to be able to get them back in fairly decent condition. Although let’s be honest, if she did completely lose those tennis shoes, she will easily be able to get a new pair. It isn’t as if Nike is going to ask her to pay a couple of hundred dollars to replace them. That probably wouldn’t work if you were the one to lose your tennis shoes, though! So, don’t try it.

We suppose that this goes to show that even if you are a six-time US Open winner, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be dealing with some forgetful moments in your life, especially if you have been pushing your body to the extreme out there in a training session!



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