6 Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes for Walking & Play

1. Best in Overall Comfort

New Balance 996v4

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2. Best in Design

Asics Gel-Resolution 8

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3. Best for Walking

New Balance Fresh Foam

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New Balance 996v4

Best in Comfort

If you’re looking for a shoe that can provide maximum comfort right off the bat, the New Balance 996v4 is a great fit. Unlike other new shoes that take a bit of breaking-in, you can use the New Balance 996v4s immediately and feel as if you’ve been using them for days.

Cushioning Support

These shoes feel soft while providing enough lateral protection. The New Balance 996v4s uses Ortholite Inserts for their FuelCell midsole, meaning more rebounding and cushioning power while you play. What makes them a cut above any other low-cut option, is the amount of cushioning, even among the best tennis shoes for ankle support.

The NDurance rubber outsole developed by New Balance is also worth mentioning. It provides excellent gripping power even when changing directions. The NDurance outsole is also durable, and it should last many games before you notice any signs of wear.

Breathable Materials

The 996v4 shoes are made with 50% synthetic and 50% mesh. This combination does wonders when it comes to the shoes’ breathability. Unlike other shoes that feel suffocating, the New Balance 996v4s feel airy. For players whose feet sweat a lot during matches, the well-ventilated construction of the New Balance 996v4s is a desirable feature.

The only complaint that we have is the level of heel collar cushioning this shoe provides. It feels a bit inadequate during sprints, and you can sometimes feel your heel digging into the court. It is a minor complaint, though, and they still deliver sufficient support if you’re looking for good walking shoes.


Key Features

  • New Balance FuelCell foam midsole provides additional rebounding, comfort, and lift
  • 50% mesh and 50% synthetic materials make the shoes breathable
  • Great to wear straight out of the box


BrandNew Balance
Weight12 ounces



Asics Gel Resolution 8

Best in Design

Function and Fashion. That’s what comes to mind whenever we look at the Asics Gel Resolution 8, one of the best-looking shoes we’ve ever tried. Although some might argue that function and comfort are the primary considerations when choosing shoes, it doesn’t hurt if you’re sporting great-looking treads, as well.

The Perfect Fit

Aside from its design, the first thing that you’ll notice about the Gel Resolution 8 is the comfort. The shoe looks wide, so you may think it will be too loose to wear.

They feel snug yet provide comfort once you’ve laced up. They don’t need any breaking in, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with blisters or soreness after your first game with the Gel Resolution 8. The fit is great, the cushioning is better, and we hardly felt the court under our feet.

Better Stability

The Asics Gel Resolution 8 shoes deliver incredible stability during fast-paced games. They feel secure during slides. We could feel the outsole gripping the court. We also did not feel as if we’d injure our ankles when moving out of corners.

Durability is still a bit hard to gauge since we only used the Gel Resolution 8 during a few matches. However, we did not notice any considerable wear when we inspected them afterward.

Take note that Asics offers a 6-month outsole warranty for this model. The Gel Resolution 8 is a mid-weight shoe that makes it ideal for those who love brisk walking. The weight provides a bit of resistance, so you get a bit more exercise while wearing it. They are also the ideal walking shoes if you prefer a lighter shoe.

Key Features

  • Good-looking and ideal for both men and women
  • PU star-like pattern provides comfort and flexibility
  • Outsole pattern provides stability and braking power
  • Toe protector provides more traction


ModelGel Resolution 8
Weight15.5 ounces



New Balance Lav Fresh Foam

Top Pick for Walking

If you’re looking for shoes that perform well both on and off-court, New Balance’s Lav Fresh Foam v1 might be what you’re looking for.

Ready for Impact

They utilize New Balance’s running shoe midsole technology, Fresh Foam, providing better shock absorption, whether you’re playing defense on the court or taking a leisurely afternoon walk. Wearing shock-absorbing shoes provides superior comfort and prevents ankle and arch pain.

Admittedly, the cushioning felt a bit tight at first. But after a short break-in period, it started to loosen, and we got an idea as to why these shoes are garnering rave reviews for comfort.

Impressive Durability

The Kinetic Stitch makes the Lav Fresh Foam stable, which is important for those who want to work on their lateral movements since the shoes make you feel secure and can help prevent accidental slides and injuries.

If you intend to use the New Balance Lav Fresh Foam v1 as a walking shoe, you’ll be happy to find it comes with a six-month outsole warranty. The outsole of Lav Fresh Foam is designed to take punishment without showing considerable signs of wear and tear.

The herringbone-patterned outsole makes sure that you can grip any surface you come in contact with. If you’re someone who likes wearing their walking shoes during grocery runs or quick jogs, you’ll love the Lav Fresh Foam’s outsole.

Key Features

  • Better heel protection compared to others
  • Excellent grip and give capacity on any surface
  • Better shock absorption


BrandNew Balance
ModelLav Fresh Foam v1
Weight15.8 ounces



Adidas SoleCourt Boost

Best in Stability

The main draw to the Adidas SoleCourt is its improved aesthetics, appearing to be more streamlined than the previous Barricade model. This sleek design is not just meant to be eye candy. Adidas made sure the new design provides more stability.

Cutting-Edge Technology—in a Shoe

Adidas also used a 3D molded foam to make sure that you have enough ankle protection, as well as a heel collar for additional comfort, which supports your Achilles tendon.

Ventilation is not an issue as the shoe uses lightweight knit upper materials. It doesn’t trap moisture and heat, so you won’t end up with soggy socks after a game.

Top Brand, Top Quality

Adidas is known for the durability of their outsoles, and the Adidas SoleCourt Boost is no exemption. We did not see any signs of wear and tear after using it for a week. Surprisingly, even the sides of the soles looked unaffected by heavy usage.


Key Features

  • Provides outstanding ankle backing and comfort
  • Outsoles don’t show signs of wear and tear
  • Has padded heel collar
  • Exciting sleek design


ModelSoleCourt Boost
Weight15.7 ounces



Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4

Our Value Pick

If you’re after shoes that have all the trimmings but won’t cost you an arm and a leg, the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4 will make your shopping experience a breeze.

Long and Wide

The first thing you’ll notice once you wear the Tour 4 is how well it fits. It has just the right length, so you won’t have excess space by your toes. Tour 3 is a bit long, and it takes getting used to; Tour 4, on the other hand, is a bit wider, meaning that those with wide feet can wear it comfortably.

The inside of the Tour 4 is contoured and provides more natural support. Add the strategically placed cushioning, and you have shoes designed for comfort.

Flex It

One of the areas where the Tour 4 excels is in terms of flexibility. They used a proprietary rubber material and designed a diagonal groove in the midfoot area that helps improve maneuverability. This groove allows players to rotate and twist even at high speeds without losing control or stability.

The upper of the Tour 4 is also worth highlighting. The mesh knit upper is reinforced with a synthetic material, providing an additional layer of protection and preventing injuries.

The only area for improvement that we saw is ventilation. The breathability of the Tour 4 is good but lags behind the others on this list. For a lightweight shoe, we expected it to be airier. You won’t end up with wet socks, but other options vent heat more efficiently.


Key Features

  • More affordable compared to other models
  • Suitable for more feet sizes and shapes
  • Plush cushioning for added comfort
  • Extremely lightweight


ModelWave Exceed Tour 4
Weight12.4 ounces



Babolat SFX3 with Memory Foam

Best Cushioning

When enthusiasts hear the name Babolat, two things come to mind: comfort and wide shoes. The SFX3 is out to cement Babolat’s claim to that distinction.

Walking on a Cloud

The SFX3 features more insole memory foam, allowing the contours of the shoes’ material to mold comfortably to the foot, giving the user more balance.

These shoes are the epitome of comfort. The extra space might be an issue for those with narrow feet, but players with wide feet will love this. They might initially feel a bit conscious about the extra width when trying the SFX3 the first time, but tighten the laces, and the shoes will feel snug and tight in no time.

Terrific Traction

The traction of the SFX3 is also something worth mentioning. The Michelin Performance Outsoles are probably the best there is, making gripping and sliding effortless. The outsoles are also sturdy, which is evident in how the SFX3 holds up even after a few matches.

Lastly, the SFX3 is light without sacrificing comfort, cushioning, or support. Even though it is lightweight, you won’t feel as if the shoes will tear apart if you make a sudden turn.


Key Features

  • Durability
  • Has a memory foam insole and ample cushioning
  • Size is ideal for players with wide feet
  • Provides excellent traction and control


Weight13.9 ounces


How We Chose the Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes for Men & Women

When it comes to the balance between tennis shoes for men and women versus the overall comfort these shoes bring, we knew we had to come up with some criteria. Aside from how well they perform, we also evaluated their breathability. A shoe with nice, plush soles is not considered comfy if your feet sweat and feel like their burning.

man reviews sneaker

Aside from fit and comfort, we also took into consideration the shoes’ durability. Tennis involves a lot of sliding, running, and braking, which put enormous pressure on the shoes’ soles and can cause considerable damage if the shoe is not built well.

Nobody likes wearing shoes that last a couple of months – shoes are investments, and customers want a model that will last a long time. Lastly, we considered how hard the shoes were to find. After all, that’s part of the shopping experience too.

Features to Look for in a Tennis Shoe

Insole Support

This is one of the most critical features when it comes to comfort and reducing the risk of injury, especially if you are serious about the game. The insole provides support while you play, and the material used affects the fit and feel.

Upper Material

The materials used for the upper is also quite important when selecting shoes. The combination of materials used will help dictate how breathable the shoes will be. Meshis a popular upper material because it lets air inside and relieves your foot from heat generated by movement. Knit uppermaterials are also great to provide adequate ventilation.


The outsole is important for several reasons. The type of outsole will determine the amount of traction you have. A quality outsole will let you slide without slipping and shows no signs of wear even after a long match or after walking for a couple of miles.


The midsole is the area between the outsole and the upper. The midsole in a shoe is important because it contains materials that help improve cushioning and stability. The type of midsole cushioning material can help improve the shock-absorption capabilities of the shoe.

Things to Consider When Buying Walking Shoes for Men & Women

Court Surface

Most of today’s models can provide excellent comfort on any court surface. However, there are shoes made specifically for some surfaces. If you have a particular court surface that you enjoy playing on, you should buy a shoe specifically made for that surface. The type of court surface also dictates the amount of cushioning a shoe may require. Harder surfaces require more cushioning to lessen the impact of the court on the player’s body.

If you play on a hard court, getting a shoe that won’t scuff the surface is one thing to consider. Shoes with quality shock-absorption properties are also ideal since they minimize the punishment that your feet will take while you play.

For clay and grass courts, lightweight shoes are a great option. Shoes with good traction are also recommended since grass and clay courts are often slippery.

Playing Style

Your playing style also determines which shoes will fit best and provide the most comfort. Baseline players require shoes that provide good lateral support and cushioning. If you like to serve and volley, look for shoes with ample toe reinforcement for extra protection and control.

Frequently Asked Questions frequently asked questions

Q. What is the Difference Between Foot Types?


Players with Pronation need shoes that provide lateral support.


If you have Supination, you will be better off getting shoes that allow flexibility while providing shock-absorption.


Players with Neutral Feet have the easiest choice because most shoes on the market will fit them.

When it comes to comfort, it is vital to find more information about your gait so that you can choose shoes that are tailored to your personal step.

Q: Do I Really Need to Double-Sock When Playing?

It’s definitely worth trying out. Wearing two layers of socks provides extra cushioning, improves comfort, and helps prevent blisters, which result from friction generated by the movement of your feet while playing.

When you fit yourself with two layers of socks, you reduce friction between your feet and your shoes.  Double socking also provides additional cushioning and helps absorb more shock coming from the court.

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