We’re Hiring at Tennis Shoez

TennisShoez.com has major aspirations. Our hope is to become the best website online for tennis shoes. Of course, this is not something that we can do on our own. Great online communities are built upon the strength of their staff. If you enjoy tennis and want to join a young, hip team of tennis experts, then TennisShoez.com may be the site for you.

The Tennis Shoez team is always on the hunt for driven young individuals to add to our team. We have a couple of positions open right now. If you feel that you would be a great fit for our company, then apply for them. We want you.

Other Positions

As our website grows, we will be able to offer even more opportunities to join our team. If you wish to work for TennisShoez.com, but you do not see a position that currently catches your attention, then feel free to get in touch with us anyway. If we believe that you will be a tremendous fit for our company, then you may hear back from us!

Application Process

If you believe that you will be a great fit for one of our positions, then please drop us an email with your resume.

Current Openings

Athletic Author and Editor

Athletic Author and Editor


If you love the world of tennis and have decent writing chops, then our athletic author and editor may be the perfect position for you. In this position, you will have a multitude of responsibilities, including:

  • Content product with a tennis theme
  • Reviewing and recommending the latest tennis shoes on the market
  • Producing content related to all aspects of the world of tennis
  • Editing content produced by our other writers
  • Deciding upon the website’s content strategy
  • Actively promoting content through our various social media channels

The roles here at TennisShoez.com are demanding positions, but we can assure you that they are some of the most-rewarding positions out there. We take care of our team, and we believe that investment in our staff is the best route to go down when it comes to making it big in the world of sports-focused websites.

Not everybody is going to be a good fit for our company. Knowledge about tennis isn’t going to be enough. The best candidate will also meet these requirements:

  • Able to meet strict deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Evidence of experience in the world of content production
  • Wlling to sample new, and exciting products that been introduced to the tennis market
  • Able to produce engaging content
  • Take initiative – able to introduce new content ideas to the mix, helping Tennis Shoez to become bigger and better.
  • Can work with the minimum of supervision
  • Enjoys working in teams
Web Developer

Web Developer


TennisShoez.com is on the lookout for a brand new part-time web developer to join our team. As a valued member of our team, your responsibilities will include:

  • Improving our website design
  • Improving our page load speed
  • Taking an active role in uploading product content
  • Helping us to establish a social media presence on social media.

Of course, we are a tight-knit team here. We can’t just take anybody on board for this role. The ideal candidate will live up the following expectations:

  • Proficient in WordPress
  • Experience in web development for similarity-sized websites
  • Experience with developing social media marketing strategies
  • Proficient in coding and graphics design
  • Able to work closely with a team
  • Able to bring brand-new ideas to the table
  • Plays tennis regularly, or at least understands a little bit about tennis shoes. This indicates that you have passion for the job.

When you join our team as a part-time web developer, you will be working closely with the other members of our team. We believe that it is the team that makes a business, and you will be well looked after.

All we ask from our employees is that they contribute to making our website the best in the world of tennis shoes.