Top 10 Tennis Shoe Colors by Popularity

Ever wondered what the most popular color of tennis shoes in the world is? We bet you have! We have ranked them from 1 to 10. Go through this list. You may find something that catches your attention.

It’s not only the brand that makes a great tennis shoe for men and women, but the color too!

1. White Tennis Shoes

White tennis shoes are easily the most popular tennis shoes that you can buy. They look snazzy on the court. Pretty much every pair of tennis shoes is available in white too. It is a staple tennis shoe color.

If you watch any major tennis tournament, then it is virtually guaranteed that white shoes will be work by your heroes. The only downside is that they can get rather dirty.

2. Black Tennis Shoes

While you may not find as many black tennis shoes as you will find white, black is certainly gaining in popularity. They work especially well on grass courts where you don’t have to worry too much about ruining the color.

Most tennis shoes are being made in black nowadays, so it probably won’t be that difficult to track any of them down [1]. Just make sure that you get a non-marking sole with them if you are planning to do your tennis playing indoors.

3. Red Tennis Shoes

Red Tennis Shoes

Red tennis shoes never used to be all that popular. However, it seems that more and more tennis shoe companies, particularly the big ones, are starting to produce them. We suppose they work for people that want to add a dash of color into their tennis game.

It probably helps that they are incredibly stylish and people would love to be wearing them in their day-to-day life too. A lot of what you find in the red tennis shoe market tend to be pretty well-made too.

4. Yellow Tennis Shoes

When it comes to yellow tennis shoes, you have multiple options available. Obviously, you have those bright yellow tennis shoes that are going to catch people’s attention a mile away. You also have the yellows that are a bit duller in color, but still look incredibly fanciful.

Most of the big brands, including Adidas and Nike, are making yellow tennis shoes nowadays. Even the smaller brands have started to dabble in this color, which should give you an idea of how much people want to be sticking yellow tennis shoes on their feet. We have put together a list of the best of them.

5. Purple Tennis Shoes

We have seen people often class purple tennis shoes as ‘just for women’. While it is probably fair to say that most of the purple tennis shoes that you find on the market at the moment come in female sizes, you will be surprised at how many companies are starting to introduce them into their male size range too.

Remember, purple tennis shoes don’t have to be completely covered in purple. Just a dash of purple lacing or stitching is more than enough to create an amazing-looking pair of tennis shoes.

6. Orange Tennis Shoes

Just like some of the other brighter colors of tennis shoe on this list, orange tennis shoes cover a rather broad spectrum. You have the more subtle orange colors all the way through to the ones that seem to be brighter than an actual orange.

The broad spectrum of colors means that there is probably going to be a pair of tennis shoes that is perfect for every orange-lover out there. The best part is that this color is popular enough to be found with most manufacturers nowadays. This includes the top brands and the budget brands. We had a fun time putting together a list of the best tennis shoes around.

7. Green Tennis Shoes

Green tennis shoes have always struck us as the best tennis shoes to be used on a grass tennis court. After all, if you are slipping and sliding around that court, you would probably end up staining your tennis shoes. A least the color green is going to be able to help cover that a little bit [2].

Even if you are not playing on grass, green tennis shoes look stylish. They never tend to be over the top green, just more laid-back colors. The type of color that you would be wearing if you wanted to inject a bit of style into the effort that you wear in your normal outfit.

8. Blue Tennis Shoes

Blue Tennis Shoes

Blue tennis shoes are easily among the most popular of tennis shoes. In fact, for a good while, they would be just as popular as white or black. Nearly every single pair of tennis shoes that you find will have a blue variant. They can range from bright blue, to a sort-of blueish-black color.

Therefore, it is safe to say that there is something for everybody. Blue tennis shoes are one of those colors that can work away from the tennis court too. So, they are great if people love a more sporty style to their look.

9. Tan Tennis Shoes

To us, tan tennis shoes remind us of the sports shoes of old. you know the ones; leather tennis shoes. Although, it is probably fair to say that modern tan tennis shoes are probably going to let you perform on the court a little bit better!

While these shoes can be a bit tougher to track down than some of the others on this list, we have found that when a company makes a good tan tennis shoe, it tends to be really good. The sort of color that would make somebody say “wow” if they saw you wearing them!

10. Gray Tennis Shoes

Gray Tennis Shoes

Gray tennis shoes may not have the most fanciful style in the world, but if you want something a bit different from black and white, but you don’t want to go ‘all out’ on the color front, then gray tennis shoes are the way to go. They have just the right amount of flair.

They do not get dirty easily, and you will have a ton of options out there to choose from. As with the black tennis shoes, you will want to put a bit of effort into getting some with non-marking soles if you plan on playing tennis indoors.



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