7 Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet
Reviews for Men & Women

1. Best Overall

Adizero Ubersonic 3

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2. Best Traction

New Balance 996v4

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3. Best for Comfort

K-Swiss Hypercourt

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If you’ve been blessed with larger than average feet, nailing the right pair of shoes is crucial for optimal performance. Without a proper sizing, players with wider feet can really end up cramming their feet into a shoe. This causes a variety of issues including discomfort, prone to injury and overall just slows you down [1].

Wide feet is no stranger to the tennis community, which is why we’ve set out on a mission to find the very best tennis shoes for wide feet that are available today. There’s no reason to suffer needlessly just because tennis shoes for wide feet are a bit harder to find. 

The Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet Lineup


Let’s kick things off right with delivering right away, the reason you’re on this page. Our reviews below showcase the best tennis shoes for wide feet on the market for those with some extra foot width. Beyond the lineup below, we share the criteria that we used to select the shoes and our overall thought process behind it, to help you find the best shoe for wide feet.

Nearly all of these shoes are available in both male and female sizes, which means that any of them will be a safe bet no matter who you are. However, of course, do make sure that you get the right fit for you. This entire page is about ensuring that your feet are comfortable and supported when you are playing tennis, after all.

If you look next to the title of each shoe, we have actually given a rough idea about who the shoes are going to be best for. This should make scanning a little bit easier if you are after some amazing shoes right now and don’t feel like reading all seven reviews (which you absolutely do not have to do!)


adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3

Best Overall



Now, we all know that Adidas tennis shoes are fantastic, right? Well, we should do, at least. We would recommend them for their quality alone. However, we are choosing the Adizero Ubersonic 3 as the best shoe for style. This is because the world of tennis is sorely lacking in shoes that are available in a variety of colors. It is normally the white and black colors only. We love that Adidas has shaken things up a little bit and given us a number of them to choose from. Anway, we digress.

Designed Specifically for The Tennis Court

The Adizero Ubersonic 3 is only a tennis shoe. They will perform terribly as running shoes. However, if you stick these on the feet of a tennis player, you will be darting around the court like a modern-day Tim Henman. Well, OK. It won’t turn you into a pro, but your game will improve drastically. This is all due to the awesome cushioning in the shoe, coupled with the fantastic support on either side of your foot. Versatility is a leading reason this pair tops our best tennis shoe list.

Low Profile & Durable

The only real downside to this pair of tennis shoes is that some people find that they are a little bit ‘hard’ on their feet. Not in terms of putting pressure, but some people are not used to a foam quite like this. It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to get used to them, but you may not be playing your best for the first couple of games that you wear them.

Key Features

  • Tons of Color Choices
  • Very Durable
  • Ideally Sized and Breathable Toe Box
  • Excellent Cushioning & Overall Support


ModelAdisero Ubersonic 3



New Balance FuelCell 996v4

Best Traction

For tennis players that are quick on their feet, play games with explosive reactions and dash around the court – excellent traction is paramount. The New Balance FuelCell 996V4 is going to be just the ticket. It is a perfect pair of shoes for that, actually.

Absolutely Killer Traction

The whole reason why this tennis shoe is so good when it comes to traction is due to the Ndurance (not a typo, we swear!) outer sole which has a sublime grip. This covers the full length of the shoe so, no matter where you land on your feet, you will have a ton of grip while you are on the tennis court.


The tennis shoe helps you to reach those longer shots in other ways too. This is all due to the cushioned foam in the sole of the shoe. This will help to propel you forward which, of course, will allow you to reach those tennis balls that may otherwise be too far for you to bother reaching. We told you, a proper pair of tennis shoes is always going to help any player raise their game.

Eslasticity & Support

These New Balance wide tennis shoes feel great on a wide foot too. There is still a little bit of ‘give’ on the shoe. So the feet of a tennis player will not feel as they are being squeezed in the wrong size shoe. It will actually feel like your feet are able to breathe easily.


If that wasn’t enough, New Balance is a fantastic budget shoe. Whenever we write up these lists, we often include New Balance as the best budget shoe. Today, something is a little bit better than this in that category (i.e. more bang for your buck), but the New Balance FuelCell is still going to be perfect for those that want to save a bit of money but still end up with an awesome pair.

Key Features

  • Superb Traction
  • Responsive Foam Inside
  • Great Price


BrandNew Balance
ModelFuelCell 996 v4



K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme 2

Best for Comfort

We were debating whether to actually include the K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme 2 on this list. This is because our articles are, of course, focused on wide tennis shoes. However, there have been a couple of complaints that these do not sit right on some with wider feet. However, after doing a bit of research into things, we found that many of the people complaining hadn’t actually selected shoes that were a good size for them. They just grabbed whatever they could and stuck them on their feet. Well, they guessed at the size. Don’t do this.

Importance of Correct Shoe Sizing

The K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme 2 does have somewhat of a narrow toe box, so do bear that in mind. The rest of the tennis shoe is wide, but the toe box can be a touch narrow. We suppose this actually contributed to the problems that some people may have had with the shoe.

The thing that we love about the K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme 2 is that despite them being an incredibly lightweight shoe, they offer a huge amount of support and comfort. Normally, when you have a lighter-weight shoe, they tend to skimp on the supportive foam. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Lightweight yet Extremely Durable

Durability is fantastic here. The shoes have been known to put up with hours upon hours of play on even the hardest of tennsi courts. So, if you are one of those players that really likes to go in hard on the jumping, bouncing, and whatever you kids are doing on the tennis court nowadays, then these shoes are going to be great for you.

So, why have we included these as the best in comfort? As we said at the start, there have been some complaints about the comfort levels of the shoe. However, these all seem to come from people that chose incorrectly when it came to the size. However, when we did further research (and tested these shoes out ourselves), we found that if you did choose the right size, these were among the most comfortable of wide tennis shoes on the market. Wide footed tennis players rejoice!

Key Features

  • Almost All Participants Agreed, Most Comfortable
  • Durable & Lightweight
  • Made with Leather





ASICS Gel-Resolution 8

Most Responsive

The problem that we have often found is that as tennis shoe tech improves, many of the shoes start to become overwhelmed with foam and support. Not that this is a bad thing. It certainly does help you to improve your game on the court. Our issue is that once you start to overload the shoes with extra gear, you stop feeling ‘one’ with the court. You don’t have to worry about that with the ASICS Gel-Resolution 8. These shoes are responsive to the max (do people still say that?). You really feel the court beneath you, and some people love that.

Perfect Midsole Density

Now, don’t get us wrong, being able to feel the court beneath you and feeling how responsive the tennis shoe is isn’t actually a bad thing. There is still padding there, and there is still cushioning. It is just that ASICS goes about it in a slightly different way. This is due to their DYNAWALL technology. This basically makes the midsole a little bit more supportive while keeping that responsiveness in place.

Locked-in Support

The heel also has a decent amount of support too. When you are playing some of the tighter plays on the court, the tennis shoe really helps to lock your foot into place. This ensures that you are not slipping and sliding over the place. This could cause a tennis player to miss their shot or, worse, cause you an injury.

That is only just scratching the surface of what these shoes can bring to the table too. Trust us, when we say that these shoes are going to feel fantastic when you are playing tennis. They certainly do not look too bad either.

Key Features

  • Great Responsiveness
  • Feels Close to The Court
  • Heel Support


ModelGel-Resolution 8



New Balance 806 V1

Most Traditional

Next up is a tennis shoe by adidas. As you can probably guess, these shoes have been built from the ground-upwith court performance in mind. adidas never really fails there, spending literally hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on developing some of the best tennis shoes on the market.

One thing we must point out about these shoes is that they have only been designed for use on hard tennis courts. We doubt they would perform the same on a grass court for example.

Improved Sole Durability

A unique feature of many adidas tennis shoes is the use of  proprietary abrasion-resistant rubber in the outsole. This, of course, lends to their overall durability and longevity on the court. 

Form Fitting

While wearing these shoes, your feet are not going to drag when you are on the tennis court. If your feet are not dragging, then there is less of a chance of there being pressure placed on the side of the shoe which leads to bunion irritation. 

Of course, apart from bunions, it will only help with swifter movements while on the tennis court.

As you may expect from Adidas shoes, the cushioning and support on these athletic shoes is second to none.

Key Features

  • Traditional Style
  • Therapeutic Shoe
  • Moisture Wicking


BrandNew Balance
Model806 v1



Prince T22 Tennis Shoe

Best All-Court

You may not have heard of Prince tennis shoes, but they have been kicking around for a while. They come in at a fairly budget price for what you get with these shoes too.

Excellent All-Court Choice

We have selected these as the best all-court shoe. This is because they can function on just about any court that you use them on. You will still get the grip and support that you need. For a budget shoe, they are going to be incredibly supportive too, which is always a huge plus.

This is another tennis shoe that has the herringbone sole, so it may be a grip that you are used to. If you aren’t, then you will be pleased to know that the herringbone pattern is able to provide proper grip in all directions of play. This means that no matter how you enjoy playing, you can be sure that this tennis shoe will only help.

Great Feedback

Now, as we said, this tennis shoe has been around for a good while now. It sells incredibly well. The model that we are reviewing here is the latest model from Prince, and it is probably the best that they have ever produced. They took customer feedback into account, and the tennis shoe now rocks a far more breathable mesh top. It has a bit of flexibility while, at the same time, making sure that each foot is properly supported while they are in the shoe.

Key Features

  • Supports The Foot Well
  • Well Ventilated & Breathable Material
  • Affordable





Adidas Gamecourt

Budget Pick

Yes. You read that right. A pair of Adidas shoes is going at the top of the best budget shoes. This is because they genuinely are. In fact, bar some extreme sales, this is probably the cheapest pair on this list. However, this is Adidas, so they haven’t skimped on the quality of the tennis shoe despite the low price.

Exceptional Value

These shoes are very wide. In fact, they are so wide that even if you have wide feet, we suggest that you order half a size down from what you would normally get. This helps to ensure that your foot is a bit more comfortable inside the Adidas Gamecourt.

All The Bells & Whistles, Without The High Price

These shoes have been designed purely for tennis, which is rare for shoes at this budget. You normally expect them to be a bit more versatile. But nope, these shoes are for the court. They have been designed to absorb the jumps, twists, and turns on the tennis court. Each foot will be supported every single step of the way. This is fantastic if you normally suffer from foot issues.

These shoes are durable for the price too. Now, obviously, you can’t expect them to last the same length of time as a pair of shoes that is 3-4x the price. However, if you play the sport to an amateur level a couple of times per month for several hours, then these shoes will easily last you a year plus. It is a great investment!

Key Features

  • Best Budget
  • Very Wide Tennis Shoes




The Method to Our Madness

Of course, putting together this list certainly wasn’t going to be a simple task. There are a billion different tennis shoes out there (this may be a slight exaggeration, but there are a lot!), and narrowing a list down was no easy feat.

However, we feel that we have accomplished the impossible, and we have selected what are surely the best tennis shoes that you could possibly buy if you have wide feet.

investigation process

In fact, these may be the best sporting shoes overall. This is because we have included a couple of extra shoes in there which are great for tennis but can also be used for a variety of different sports.

Of course, before we go into the details on the best tennis shoes for wide feet, we want to take a little bit of time going through some things that you need to know. Specifically why you should actually bother to pick up some specially sized wide foot tennis shoes if you are looking to be performing at your peak while you are on the tennis court.

What Exactly Are Wide Feet?

Wider feet is a condition in which the width of each foot is larger than average. This can cause all manner of different problems, which we are going to be talking about in the next section.

Shoe Sizing

We aren’t going to go into detail here on how you measure your feet to determine whether they are wide. Since you are on this page, you likely already know that your feet are a bit wider than average. If you don’t know for sure, then there are plenty of guides online that can help you to determine whether you have wide, normal, or narrow feet.

Not Always Genetic

Contrary to popular belief, not everybody with wide feet are actually born with a wider foot. They can widen over time. A lot of this will be down to genetics, but an injury to the feet, wearing shoes that are too narrow, etc [2]. They can all contribute to having wider feet.

Once your feet have widened up, you can’t really make them narrow again. It isn’t possible in most cases. They narrow up again if the wide feet are caused by injury, but we have no guarantees in this life. What you can do, however, is make your life a little bit more comfortable. This means searching for a pair of shoes that you can wear. This means a pair of shoes that works well for those with wider feet.

Why You Need Proper Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet

A wider foot can be a huge source of discomfort, at least if you choose the wrong shoes for tennis players.

Imagine darting around the tennis court with a pair of narrow shoes on your feet. Your feet will be pushing up against the sides causing you all sorts of pain. You will slow down on the court. You may not be able to turn as fast when you are hitting your shots. You just won’t be a very good player.

Having wide feed can also lead to a greater risk of injury due to the lower amount of support that you are getting for your feet. Thankfully, picking up a good pair of tennis shoes for wide feet can help to somewhat alleviate these problems.

How to Choose the Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet

To be honest, choosing a pair of tennis shoes for wide feet isn’t really going to be that different from choosing a pair of tennis shoes for normal feet.

Obviously, your main concern is that the shoes that you select are wider. You do not want them to be squeezing your feet, after all. We have already gone through the reasons why this is the case. Thankfully, the vast majority of sports shoes do tend to be on the wider side of things, so this is unlikely to be a problem anyway.

Importance of Cushioning & Support

cushioning & supportA good pair of tennis shoes will also have a well-cushioned sole. This is because if you want to get some of your shots off, you are going to be jumping about…a lot. This is the sort of thing that you would need to be considering in a tennis shoe whether you had a wide foot or not.

There will also need to be a bit of support in the sides of the shoe [3]. Again, this is all down to the way in which you are going to be moving on the tennis court. As you dart from side to side, there will be pressure placed upon the side of your feet. If there is not enough support when you twist your feet, then you will become injured.

Breathability & Durability

We also tend to prefer shoes that have a bit of breathability on them. Let’s be honest, even if you are not playing tennis all that well, your feet are going to sweat. This is going to become uncomfortable. In fact, it is going to be even worse if you have a wider foot. This is because all of that heat can cause your feet to swell up. It isn’t going to be that pleasant, trust us.

The durability of the shoe is something that should go without saying. After all, even the softest of tennis courts are going to be putting a lot of pressure on that shoe. You will want that pair of tennis shoes to last more than a couple of months, right?

A Proper Fit

Finally, please, make sure that you have your feet properly sized before you decide to buy a pair of tennis shoes. This is important if you have a unique foot shape. This is to help ensure that your feet are well supported while, at the same time, are not putting too much pressure on your feet. If you want to know how you can get the right size of tennis shoes for your feet, we encourage you to check out our sizing guide. It will walk you right through the process.

Wrapping Up The Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet

the resultsThat wraps up our list of the best tennis shoes for wide feet. We can assure you that no matter what date it is when you are reading this article, the shoes that we have listed on this page are the best of the best. This is because our team of editors are always out there, trawling for the next awesome tennis shoe release.

If we find anything better than what we already have on this page for a wide foot, you can bet your last dollar that we are going to update this page as soon as we can. After all, we live and breathe shoes here! We always want to ensure that all of you avid tennis players are sticking to the best shoes. This will allow you to play the game well.


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