Tennis Shoes for Bunions

7 Best for Both Men & Women

1. Best Overall

Brooks Adrenaline

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2. Best Design

Hoka One One Bondi 7

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3. Best for Active Players

ASICS Solution Speed FF

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Bunions are a common complaint among athletes. A lot of the time, this is because an athlete is wearing the wrong type of shoes for their feet. On this page, we are going to talk a little bit about what they are.

Included on this page are the Tennis Shoez team’s best tennis shoes for bunions recommendations. We aim to provide everything that you need to know about keeping them at bay or at least reducing the irritation.

The Top 7 Tennis Shoes for Bunions Lineup

We sent our editors out there with a mission. To put together a list of the best tennis shoes for bunions. After looking at dozens upon dozens of options, they drilled their list down to just six. All of these are available in both male and female sizes, so matter your gender, each of these shoes is offered in a fit for you.

Remember, we are not just focusing on helping to keep your bunion at bay here. Oh no. These shoes are not just going to help those from dealing with a  bunion (or preventing them from occurring in the first place), but they are actually going to be great overall tennis shoes. This means that any tennis player should expect to see their performance improve out there on the court.


Brooks Adrenaline Running Shoes

Best Overall
The Brooks Adrenaline is our number one shoe for bunions. You might find it odd that our first pick isn’t explicitly a tennis shoe, but please humor us. It is a shoe designed for runnering in mind. Many of the running shoes on the market function perfectly well for tennis, and almost all of the runner shoes have been designed to put the minimum amount of pressure on the big toe and foot.  Many physical ailments stem from joint impact and movement that come with most sports. A player’s foot is a rather complex part of the body. A common victim to trauma that often begins higher in the leg, including the knees. These shoes by Brooks have been designed to help reduce unnecessary joint movement, which results in less injury overall while active.

A Running Shoe, Perfect for Tennis

While high heels in general are bad, the Brooks Adrenaline shoes are the perfect heel height so as to not cause undue pressure on the front toe area of the foot. In fact, the slight raise works to your benefit here. This is because Brooks have managed to load the Adrenaline with some of the best padding that we have seen in a shoe. It is so soft and responsive and really helps tennis players with jumping and moving about the tennis court.

Breathable Mesh Material

The front of this pair of shoes, where a bunion is found most often, is made of mesh. Not only is this breathable, but it helps to ensure that there is a bit of leeway when players move about i.e. your feet won’t be squeezed together. This means that these shoes are going to be fantastic both for those that are already suffering and those that want to prevent a bunion from forming in the first

Key Features

  • Prevents unnecessary joint movement
  • Well-cushioned shoes
  • High level of support


Weight10 ounces


Hoka One One Bondi 6 Running Shoes

Best Design
One thing that we have always loved about Hoka shoes is that they look great. They have some of the sexiest tennis shoes in the world. If you want style, then Hoka is where you go. Of course, we aren’t here to talk about style. Instead, we want to focus on the tennis shoes that can help to prevent a bunion. Say hello to the Hoka One One Bondi 6, a shoe that is so fantastic that the company decided to double up on one of the words in the shoe name!


To be transparent, players need to know that the Hoka One One Bondi 6 is officially a running shoe. But, the additional support that comes with a running shoe, makes it perfect for a player with a bunion. They have been designed intentionally to put up with all of that ‘striking’ on the ground. This translates especially well when you are darting around the tennis court.

Material with Elasticity

These mesh used in the shoes allow your feet to move about freely. However, not too much. The support on the sides of the running shoe means that your feet are not going to be knocked out of position. Well, they shouldn’t do, at least. We know that there are some people that will look at these running shoes and be a little bit concerned about the height of the heel counter. However, we can assure you that this is not going to be a problem. Everything inside of this running shoe is well-balanced, which means that you do not have to worry about the front of your foot being pressured by your heel. The only concern that we really have about these shoes is that some people report that they are a touch difficult to get used to at the start, particularly when playing tennis. However, we are confident that you will get used to them.

Key Features

  • Fantastic support
  • Breathable mesh material – perfect amount of give
  • Hard-wearing rubber outsole


BrandHoka One One
ModelBondi 6


ASICS Solution Speed FF Tennis Shoes

Best for Active Players
ASICS Solution Speed FF is actually the first pair of shoes on our list for those plagued by bunions that has been designed specifically for tennis. Well known and loved by many on the court, but let’s talk about why it might be a bit better overall for your foot malady. A feature favorite of this shoe, and one that we feel would greatly benefit those that are playing tennis with a bunion, is something known as the ‘twist trust’ system. Essentially, it stops your feet from twisting too much when you are moving about the tennis court at a faster speed. This system helps to stop the bones from being moved out of place, or at least irritating current bunions.

Support & Responsiveness

The EVA midsole is also incredibly responsive. There is no stiffness here. This means that when you are jumping on the court while wearing the Asics Solution Speed FF, you do not have to worry about your bunions being irritated as they bang against the top of the shoe. The mesh fabric helps a bit with this too. If your feet do somehow bounce against the top of the wide toe box, there is enough ‘give’ here to stop it posing that much of a huge problem.

Shock Absorption

In addition, there is a system in the back and the front of the shoe that will prevent your feet from suffering from shocks. The shock absorption system is great for those that are suffering from a bunion. Upon impact, the back system will not force your foot up into the front of the tennis shoe. As you should already know by now, when your foot is thrust upwards in the shoe, particularly your heel, then all of that power along with your body weight is going to be transferred to the toe joint. This is exactly the situation we need to prevent to avoid a bunion. Top it all off with a high-quality rubber sole and you’ve got a great option to hit the court.

Key Features

  • Twist trust system
  • Shock absorption on heel of shoes
  • Superb support


ModelSolution Speed FF
Weight14 ounces


New Balance Fresh Foam Roav V1 Tennis Shoes

Best Cushion

New Balance almost always makes an appearance on the best tennis shoe lineups that we put together. A brand name that is typically affordable, but doesn’t skimp on the quality of their product. So, while you won’t be getting all of the ‘bells and whistles’ that you would normally get with a pair of Adidas or Nike shoes when you buy shoes from New Balance. However, they still promise to function very well. Basically, it has all of the no-frill features that you need to thrive on the tennis court.

Unmatched Heel Support

A main reason why the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav V1 shoes are named over any other in the New Balance lineup is due to how supportive the heel is. This unique heel design coupled with the rubber sole, has become a staple in their tennis lineup and cradles the foot just right. It may sound like it could be too tight, but after testing and asking some players, we can assure you it is not. Foam cushioning stability is another feature that sets this pair apart. New Balance liken it to walking on air. Now, we probably wouldn’t go that far when describing these shoes, but we will say they do not feel bulky at all while wearing them. 

No Unneeded Bulk

When it comes to finding the best tennis shoes for bunions overall, most choices seem to be bulky, which doesn’t help anyone on the court. The more natural it feels and supportive overall, the better it will be for our purposes. These shoes heel-to-toe drop is just 8mm too. If you haven’t measured your pairs before (I mean – who has?), this is barely anything. This means that your heel will not be raised and will not be placing any undue pressure on the front of the foot while at rest.  A win-win for a tennis shoe to hit the court with and to reduce the chances of irritating a bunion at the same time.  

Key Features

  • Good heel support
  • Low heel on shoes
  • Fantastic foam cushioning


BrandNew Balance
ModelFresh Foam Roav v1


adidas Asmc Court Boost Tennis Shoes

Best Style
Next up is a tennis shoe by adidas. As you can probably guess, these shoes have been built from the ground-upwith court performance in mind. adidas never really fails there, spending literally hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on developing some of the best tennis shoes on the market. One thing we must point out about these shoes is that they have only been designed for use on hard tennis courts. We doubt they would perform the same on a grass court for example.

Improved Sole Durability

A unique feature of many adidas tennis shoes is the use of  proprietary abrasion-resistant rubber in the outsole. This, of course, lends to their overall durability and longevity on the court. 

Form Fitting

While wearing these shoes, your feet are not going to drag when you are on the tennis court. If your feet are not dragging, then there is less of a chance of there being pressure placed on the side of the shoe which leads to bunion irritation.  Of course, apart from bunions, it will only help with swifter movements while on the tennis court. As you may expect from Adidas shoes, the cushioning and support on these athletic shoes is second to none.

Key Features

  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole
  • Shoes built for specifically for tennis


ModelAsmc Court Boost


Nike Revolution 4 Running Shoes

Value Pick
We are going to wrap up with one last pair that is a running shoe. This is the Nike Revolution 4 for Men & Women [1]. While they may be designed as running shoes, they have been used on tennis courts around the world.

Sole with Foam Pistons

A differentiating feature of the Nike Revolution 4 shoes are the foam pods that are integrated with the rubber sole. These foam pods are designed to compress when pressure is placed on them and then spring back instantly once it’s removed.  Nike described the action of these foam pods as having a ‘piston effect’. They offer the best balance between support and responsiveness of any shoe, of course which is important for any player suffering from bunions. Support inside of the shoes is also great. We’ve heard from multiple people that the shoe fit and felt as it did before they had bunions. 


As these shoes are from Nike, their reputation precedes them. The Revolution 4 shoes are incredibly durable. These are going to last a long time, even for a regular tennis player.

Key Features

  • Rubber sole with foam pods, featuring piston-like recall
  • Incredibly durable shoes
  • Great inner support


ModelRevolution 4

So, What Exactly Are Bunions?

Bunions occur when the bones in your feet start to move out of place. Sounds painful, right? Well, sometimes yes, sometimes not.Foot Bunion

This foot malady typically occurs around the big toe. Even when using a pair of the best tennis shoes for bunions, an improper fit may push some of the smaller bones upward and subsequently out of alignment. If left in this position long enough, it has the potential to create a hard, bony lump on the side of the foot next to the big toe [2].

Bunions can occur in anyone. Most often, there won’t really be any real pain associated with the condition. It will just exist. It is rare that tennis players will need to go to the doctor to have it surgically corrected.

Of course any abnormality for tennis players is not going to be a good thing. Finding the best tennis shoes for bunions is important for the well-being of overall foot.

After all, tennis players do a whole lot of running, dashing and overall movement. All of this is going to be putting a huge amount of pressure on the toe joint. This can irritation and of course, means that it becomes more likely that you will need to have the problem fixed.


Can Tennis Shoes Cause Bunions?

Women are more likely to get bunions. It is unknown whether this is because women are more likely to wear shoes that result with this condition, or whether a woman is just more likely to get bunions in general. Men can also get them, but it is not as common.

shoe bunion

Bunions tend to be a problem that runs in the family too. For example, if your parents have had this happen, then you are more likely to suffer from them.

People get bunions by trying to squeeze themselves into tennis shoes that are often far too small for their feet. Grabbing the right pair from our best tennis shoes list will prevent all of those bones from being pushed into obscure positions.

Of course, while bunions are often caused by tight shoes, this isn’t the only cause. Having flat feet can cause the problem. Having tennis shoes that do not support your feet properly can create the problem. Basically, anything where there is too much pressure exerted by footwear and front toe area can increase the risk of suffering from this.

Having one of the pairs of best tennis shoes for bunions will ensure that none of these footwear pitfalls are present.

How Are Bunions Treated?

We didn’t really want to turn this into a medical guide. However, knowing how bunions are treated is actually important for what we want to talk about. This is because our aim isn’t to just tell you just about preventing them from happening, but also ensuring that they do not cause you too many issues.Foot Surgery

There is a misconception that if you have bunions, you have to have them surgically corrected. This isn’t the case [3]. While it would probably be wise to have them corrected if you are playing tennis a lot, you don’t really need to have the problem dealt with unless they are causing you serious amounts of pain. All you need to do is ensure that you purchase the right tennis shoes for bunions that will support you correctly.

If you choose the right pair of shoes, there should be minimal pressure on the front support area. While your bunion won’t get any better (the bones won’t fall back into place), you won’t be making the problem worse. This is always a plus.

Does a Bunion Splint Work?

A bunion splint works like a form-fitting glove surrounding your big toe. It does offer some support and help relieve bunion pain if it’s relatively mild. However they do nothing to address the cause, which of course is the footwear itself.

If bunion pain does start to the point where it is painful to walk or run, it’s time to see a doctor. In rare cases, the problem may need to be surgically corrected. It is a simple procedure, but it will often involve a trip to the hospital.

One thing that we do want to point out is that if you do have bunions, you may have to adjust the way in which you play tennis. You may need to tone down some of the more explosive and complex movements, such as jumps and pivots.

Unfortunately even when using shoes for bunions, these items can still cause pain and discomfort. You just have to take the time to find a shoe that is going to be perfect for you.

What’s Behind Great Tennis Shoes for Bunions?

One of the brilliant things about tennis shoes for bunions is that they will encompass everything to comfort and support any players with this condition. Everything that you could possibly want in a bunion shoe is going to be in a quality tennis shoe. However the reverse is not always true.

We want to run you through some of the things that you really need to be on the lookout for. This will actually give you a rough idea about how we came up with the criteria for the list of best tennis shoes, which is included below.

Correct Sizing

Shoe SizingAs we said, one of the biggest contributing factors towards the formation of bunions will be choosing shoes that are the wrong size. If they are too tight, then you will probably end up suffering from a bunion, even if it is just a minor case.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you choose shoes that are the perfect size for your feet. We tend to stick to some of the bigger manufacturers here. This is because most of them have their sizing down pat.

Often times with cheaper tennis shoes, there doesn’t seem to be as much control over the manufacturing process. This, quite often, contributes to a bit of randomness when it comes to the shoes that you receive.

The best shoes for bunions will have a roomy toe box. This is where you want to be placing the least amount of pressure. If each toe is cramped within the shoe, then chances are that the shoe is incorrectly sized.

Low Heel

The heel on the shoe shouldn’t be that much higher than the rest of the shoe. Although, this isn’t really a huge problem when it comes to tennis shoes.

If the heel is too high, then it essentially bends your foot forward. In this awkward position, the footwear exerts pressure downward, placing pressure near the front toe. This, in turn, is going to result in a higher chance of a bunion.


Support is critical for any tennis shoe, but especially for players that experience a bunion. If you are playing tennis properly, then your feet are going to be bouncing from side to side as you move around on the court.

If there isn’t proper support there, this is likely to knock the bones about in the big toe and foot over time. It isn’t uncommon for athletes to develop issues for this reason.


Many tennis players will have a good amount of jumping in their game. When players land, players want there to be a bit of cushion and support in the rubber sole of the shoe. This will help to absorb some of that pressure.

If the pressure is absorbed, then it is less likely that the bones around the toe will get knocked out of place. Again, this is something that you are going to be able to find in most popular tennis shoes anyway.

Stretchy Fabric or Mesh Construction

We recommend that tennis players choose tennis shoes that have a bit of ‘stretch’ in the fabric. If the fabric doesn’t have a lot of give on it, then the material may end up putting undue pressure on the foot and toe room area. 

As players already know, it is pressure like this within the shoes that ultimately causes bunions in the first place.

No Pointy Toe Box

This isn’t really going to be a major issue with tennis shoes, but there may be some other sports shoes out there that players may consider wearing for tennis. If the toe room is too small or pointy (i.e. the shoe doesn’t look like it is the shape of a foot), then this may contribute to causing a bunion.

Insoles for Flat Feet

women test fits insoleAlright, this is more of an accessory to a shoe, but to be complete, we need to mention the sole that players put inside of the shoe is called an insole. 

If a player has flat feet, then it is recommended to purchase an insole when you buy your tennis shoes. As near as we can tell, no tennis shoes out there are going to be fine for flat feet ‘out of the box’. A player will typically need to buy an inner sole to make them better more suitable for your feet. 


Wrapping Up The Best Tennis Shoes for Bunions


So, there you have it. We did as promised. Showcased above is each pair deemed worthy of the best tennis shoes for bunions lineup. For tennis players suffering from this impairment, we do urge you to check out the shoes that we have listed here to see what suits you best.

Our promise is that the right pair of shoes will feel absolutely fantastic on your feet. Remember, if you want to ensure that you are truly protected, then you will need to purchase shoes that are the right size. If you are unsure how to size your feet properly, then consult a sizing guide on the internet.



Tennis Shoes for Bunions

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