3 Best Tennis Shoes with Ankle Support – for Men & Women

There is always a danger of twisting your ankle on the tennis court. A tennis player is particularly vulnerable while playing tennis as it requires considerable agility and balance. Therefore, it is wise to consider tennis shoes with ankle support as a preventive measure, even if you do not currently have problems with your ankles [1].

It is possible to avoid ankle injuries and get the much-needed ankle support you need by purchasing very best tennis shoes. We often neglect the importance of our joints when looking for a pair of tennis shoes. While it is important to find tennis shoes that offer good support, cushioning, traction and stability, ankle support is also a key feature if you want to stay safe.

In this guide, we talk about the best tennis shoes for added ankle support. We will cover everything you should know about this shoe type so you can choose the right pair to support your ankle on the court.

Benefits of Added Ankle Support

Tennis shoes with ankle support allow players to utilize extra-lateral movements and maintain balance throughout tennis matches. These tennis shoes are equipped with special features to better support ankles than other training sneakers.

A number of high-end brands offer ankle support tennis shoes constructed using the latest technology. Choosing the right brand for you will help provide improved support and stability, while also saving you from any ankle pain or injury on the court.

1. ASICS Solution Speed FF – Rated Best Ankle Support Tennis Shoes

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The ASICS Solution Speed FF tennis shoes are the absolutely best rated shoes for ankle support.

ASICS is a Japanese company that have been producing sports shoes since 1949. The company pride themselves on covering all athletic requirements for a multitude of sports, including baseball, soccer, rugby and tennis. ASICS’ sports shoes are known for their gel-infused technology.


Unique Benefits & Features

Their tennis shoes, in particular, are designed with a cushioning mechanism. Their advanced stability and comfort make ASICS’ shoes suitable for ankle support.

ASICS’ tennis shoes have a mesh-style construction to keep your feet ventilated, while also maintain ankle comfort.

Their shoes also incorporate a ComforDry sock liner which acts as a mobile insole for enhanced balance and ankle stability. The brand employs various technologies, including carbon-based rubber outsole for resilience, and gel-based cushioning to ease strain on your ankles.

One-of-a-Kind Midsole

The midsole of ASICS’ shoes provides an arch support that keeps your foot in the right posture. This feature should help players who struggle to control their leg movement during jumps. Their low-profile upper gives a snug, weightless feel to your feet.

ASICS’ shoes also come with numerous other features, such as high-degree shock absorption and an antimicrobial lining. Taken together, these technologies make ASICS one of the best tennis shoe brands for ankle support.

2. Under Armour HOVR Havoc 3

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A great combination of style and comfort, the HOVR Havoc 3 shoes for men and women are one of the best tennis shoe options with superb ankle support. They feature reinforcements around the feet to relax your muscles, while the mesh collar and tongue cradle your feet effectively.

The best feature of this shoe is its flexibility; this flexibility allows your foot to stretch and turn easily to prevent any ankle injury.

HOVR Havoc 3 is quite responsive to jumps and gives you improved agility on any surface. The shoe is designed with great attention to detail.

There is considerable space in the ankle collar to wear ankle braces comfortably. This means wearing braces is not a problem with these tennis shoes, which is a vital feature if you suffer an ankle sprain during the match.

3. Reebok Hi Top Shoes

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This high top shoe is designed to support intense training and can be the right companion for your tennis matches. This ankle support shoe has spacious construction with lacing and Velcro. This pair by Reebok has a rounded, protruding rubber heel, ideal for a tennis player.

Additionally, it features two kinds of foam and a synthetic heel clip for additional security. Subsequently, we believe this may be the best shoe for ankle pain.

The insole has a soft and dense padding. The design of the shoe reduces slippage and provides greater balance and all-round ankle protection. The shoes fit weightlessly and snug to ankles, keeping them safe against any twisting while moving.

These shoes can also be easily worn with ankle braces, meaning that you can get the right care for your ankle on the tennis court.

ankle brace

Best Shoes to Wear With an Ankle Brace

Wearing an ankle brace with shoes can give you relief from the pain caused by sprains. Some players even wear braces to protect their ankle from future sprains.

It is important to choose the correct ankle support tennis shoes to wear with your ankle brace. Making the best choice for your ankles will ensure you can train comfortably despite a sprain.

Depending on the style of brace, sometimes the best shoe is your favorite pair but just a half size larger. If it’s the bulkier variety, try a combination of a size larger and the wide version if offered.

Lastly a removable insole can be another thing to look for that can help ensure a proper fit while wearing an ankle brace on the tennis court.

Tennis Shoes for Ankle Support– What You Should Know

For a fast-paced sport like tennis, that involves considerable lateral movement and sudden turns, it is no surprise that twisted ankles are a common injury [2]. This is where the tennis shoes with ankle stability come to the rescue. The perfect tennis shoe would provide sufficient stability during lateral movements, along with comfort, traction, and shock absorption on the court.

Here are the main features you should look out for in the tennis shoes you pick for ankle support.


Support is one of the most important features to look for in a tennis shoe designed for ankle stability. You should look for support built into the heel, padding around the collar, and a supportive shank in the midfoot. Additionally, a lace-up system that locks your foot down will also help create more stability.

Arch Support

Another important feature to look for in an ankle support shoe is the midfoot support. This is particularly significant when you have a flat foot.


You want optimum comfort for your feet on the court, so it is advisable to look for cushioning from materials like EVA foam in the midsoles. Some ankle support shoes also have gel or air to cushion the forefeet and heels. Any added sock liners or padded insoles can contribute to comfort.

Shock Absorption

Quick direction changes, stretching and jumping during the match can place unnecessary stress on your lower limbs. Look for soles made from polyurethane or EVA, as these soles will be better equipped for absorbing impact. Any added air or gel would also help with shock absorption.


A good grip on the tennis court should save you from any slips or falls and injuries. You should look for rubber soles with patterns like herringbone; this combination should keep your feet and body stable.


It is easy for your feet to get hot and sweaty when running as they are encased by a shoe. Hence, you should look for breathable upper materials that can wick away moisture. This technology should keep your feet fresh and cool, while also preventing foot problems like blisters and infections.


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