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Many people seem to forget that a key part of the game of tennis is the equipment that you use. We haven’t. In fact, our job is to focus on one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have on the court; the humble tennis shoe.

Our website is dedicated to telling you everything that you need to know about tennis shoes. While mainly consisting of tennis shoe reviews, we also have a plethora of articles put together by our team. Our aim? To help keen tennis players to find the best shoes for their style of play.

Each and every one of our staff members is passionate about tennis. We live and breathe it on a daily basis. Our goal is to help people to improve their skills on the court, and we know just how important finding the best tennis shoes for men and women are.

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Tennis Shoez Founders

Peter Demings

Peter Demings


Peter fell in love with tennis the moment he picked up his first tennis racquet on this 5th birthday. While Peter always aspired to ‘go pro’, a minor injury on the court managed to cut short his career before it became a reality. Of course, that hasn’t stopped his love for the sport. You can still find him out on the court multiple times per week.

Peter founded this website when he realized that while he wasn’t able to reach his goal of turning pro, he was able to help other keen tennis players improve their skills on the court. One of the main passions of Peter in recent years on the court has been tennis shoes. He has managed to garner quite a collection, and he came up with the idea of sharing his knowledge with the world. Under Peter’s guidance, he is steering this website towards becoming the definitive resource for tennis shoes.

Email: peter@tennisshoez.com

Tanya Stevens

Tanya Stevens

Co-Founder and Author

While Chris had the knowledge of shoes, he didn’t have the skill to turn his knowledge into words. This is why he brought Tanya on during the early days of running the website. She was the author of many of the original articles you find on this website. Nearly every single article you find on this website still has her own personal touch added to it.

While Tanya never dreamed of going pro on the tennis circuit, she has always been a fitness fanatic. In fact, you can find her articles published on many top fitness sites around the world, as well as in several major publications. A lot of the work she has carried out has been focused on fitness clothing, which means she was the perfect choice as the lead author of this website. In fact, she even brought a bit of knowledge to the table that even Chris didn’t have!

Email: tanya@tennisshoez.com

Tennis Shoez Family

Anthony Reese

Anthony Reese

Tennis Coach & Author

Anthony has been a tennis coach since the age of 13. Barely a gym class went by where his friends were not begging him to teach them the key to a good swing, or how to position their feet to get the most out of their game. At the age of 32, Anthony is still in the coaching game, only this time he is being paid for it! Over the years, he has managed to guide many aspiring tennis stars, a few of whom have managed to land themselves on the pro circuit.

Anthony was brought on board as the second author for this website. While Tanya has knowledge about fitness clothing, Anthony has the technical knowledge of tennis. By combining their expertise, the two of them are able to produce articles and reviews unlike any other. This dream team is really able to get into the technicalities of tennis shoes, offering the best advice on any dedicated tennis shoe website out there. This ensures that they are able to offer the best recommendations time and time again.

Email: tony@tennisshoez.com

Katie Hill

Katie Hill

Avid Tennis Player & Editor

We brought Katie Hill onboard shortly after she graduated from college with an English degree, while on a tennis scholarship. Katie is hoping that her knowledge about the world of tennis is going to lead to her dream job of coaching the sport one day. 

Katie’s job is to go through the author’s work with a fine-tooth comb. Armed with modern tennis knowledge, plus a flair for the written word, she is able to go through each article and add a touch of pizzazz. Her job is to keep our readers engaged and to help ensure that they really are choosing the right tennis shoes for their needs.

Katie works closely with Anthony on all of her projects, and it isn’t uncommon to see them trading their own knowledge, which not only helps to make them better writers but also better tennis players.

Email: katie@tennisshoez.com

Ryan Darshing

Ryan Darshing

All-Around Athlete & Editor

Ryan is the newest member of our team, brought in on Katie’s recommendation. Ryan is a self-proclaimed ‘fitness nut’ and barely a day goes by where we are not seeing him in the gym and on the tennis courts. 

While Ryan serves mainly as an editor here, one of his goals is to go out and research awesome new tennis shoes for us to review. He has a flair for being able to spot tennis shoes that others do not talk about. Just like Chris, he has managed to gain quite a collection over the years. Since he is so keen on many elements of fitness, he is often able to provide us with information on how shoes perform both on and off the court.

When Ryan is editing our articles, he makes sure that each and every bit of information is perfect. He is part of the reason as to why our tennis shoe reviews are among the best around.

Email: ryan@tennisshoez.com

Antone Ross

Antone Ross

Tech Genius

Antone is definitely our go-to for anything technology related.

Whether a computer or mobile phone isn’t working right, or if a page on the website isn’t looking just right, Antone makes it happen.